On schedule


At work, I take a break to dance.
The toilet is the best place; bending my body round the throne
I can just about manage to cut a move. Life celebrated,
I wash my hands quietly and soberly resume.


‘Of all possible fates this is surely one
Of the most likely. Sure, the kids are into it,
And the grooves offset the desert – but when
That wind racks up, it feels a long long way from home.

The star


She was a soul lady, and had worn so much mascara
That its blackness seemed to scar her face.
I saw her briefly looking unforgettable
Through a stage door where her bandleader paced.



The kick as a Northern Soul record starts,
Made northern by its soul.
The North, where I come from,
Thunder in our hearts, and the bracken moors.

‘Thunder in our hearts’ is a quote from Kate Bush.