Time’s victory


Time and Love fell out, and Time decided then
To make a mockery of Love. But long after Time set out
To blotch Love with its own pen, Time saw Love’s
Look resolute, and fell in love again.


One Response to “Time’s victory”

  1. I thought this might interest you…

    A Company of Fools will be in Berlin from 13.11.10 – 21.11.10

    For the last 4 years Jonathan Kay and the Nomadic Academy of Fools have toured through Berlin working with KuLe Theatre and Theaterhaus Mitte to help train and develop artists whilst working on the road in a technique called Fooling, a new and inspirational form of theatre that teaches the performer to completely open up to the audience, so they also feel safe to do so and therefore a space is created where anything can happen. The newly formed A Company of Fools will be reaching Berlin in just over a week with a repertoire of work developed over the last four years in Berlin and throughout Europe & the UK, with the help of the Arts Council and Battersea Arts Centre.

    Evening Performances

    Every evening except for Monday there will be a performance. The first weekend there will be Foolish Cabarets and Music Nights, so bring your instruments! Tuesday will be a Life-Drawing Class that includes performances, so bring your sketch pad and a pencil! Then Wednesday to Saturday there will be a full production of Shakespeare’s Richard II, performed in a way that you will have never seen before. With no use of costumes or props, just the bodies of the performers and the imaginations of the audience, this story comes to life through waves of emotion and magical conjurings of the mind.

    ´Mesmerising, like windows into layers of the soul´ – Mike Sells, Time Out

    These travelling players will be presenting at KuLe with a suggested donation of 10e


    The first weekend there will be An Introduction to Fooling weekend workshop. Having been taught the Fooling Structure by our Director and World Famous Fool, Jonathan Kay, he has now passed on the teaching of this truly inspiring workshop to his newly formed company. This is a gentle introduction to an incredibly deep and rigorous training.

    You have to be over 18yrs old. 10am – 5pm at KuLe with a suggested donation of 50e

    The second weekend will be split into 2 workshops. Saturday will be a Fooling & Music Workshop, looking at how to incorporate musical instruments into improvised performances. Then the Sunday will be a Young People & Fooling workshop, specifically tailored for teenagers.

    Both 10am – 5pm at Kule with a suggested donation of 25e

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