The Green Cross


All winter she waited for his letter
And when it became spring, she went and posted him one
Then went for a walk, pregnant,
In Kreuzberg, beneath the green cross.




This pestilent little word has poisoned the English review.
If it has any meaning left it seems to describe talking about what you don’t know,
Talking ‘fancy’ or ‘big’. Yet if an artist’s an expert, and wishes to impart it us,
The problem is not with the artist, but those yelling ‘pretentious’.

Die Fremde


Guck mal die leidende Frau,
Was für eine riesige Show!
Ihre Augen, die weinen, Frauen kann so schön weinen,
Tiefleidende, Bambikriegende Frau!

‘Die Fremde’ is a German/Turkish language film released in 2010.



Kreuzberg growing dark
People moving home
Thinking very carefully
About their next move.



Why always this feeling of slightly floating?
Is it lack of money – does money weigh down life?
Or is it more likely late 20’s lack of children?
Children earth the zeppelin of life.

The Internationals


Bad English is the language of love. In a café, I listen to a date
Conduct itself in blissed-out niceties. It seems to suit them fine.
And yet… Only my sandwich is distinctly German;
I can’t escape the feeling that something is being lost.

With spider


The arachnid’s movements menacing
You wouldn’t want to see one:
Kaleidoscope eye and kniving legs
Fly impaled upon its tongue.



The King walking turned in the garden to see
– The King. ‘Colleague!’ he bellowed, ‘How goes kingship?’
The King was pale and sighed, ‘Terrible. It never stops.
Let’s leave these crowns here for the next fools who come along.’

Overweight men have comandeered the fast lane
And there they bob: clunk, clunk, clunk
Their rubber-caps crown their undertow hulks
Which drift, eerie, beneath the swimming waves.



The gift of the child is the gift of love
And that seems to me more and more the feminine destiny,
To love: to love the creation, to love all the creatures,
To love counter-productively. Love the mind-flare in the night.